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For Developers

Build at lightspeed

Nucleus automates infrastructure, security, observability and more for distributed applications allowing developers to focus on writing great code.



Built to help Developers ship faster with less complexity


Nucleus automatically scales your infrastructure up and down and gives you control where you want.

Modern Security

Encryption and RBAC out-of-the-box designed to protect your environments and services


Use the Nucleus CLI in your to build, test and deploy your services without ever leaving your IDE.


Integrations with Datadog, Param Store, Github, MongoDB and more.

Self-serve Environments

Self-serve environments designed to help developers work faster with zero downtime.

Built-in CI/CD

Automatically containerize your services and applications with Nucleus' built-in CI/CD pipeline


What Platform Teams are saying

Vitaliy Shynkar

DevOps Engineer @ Element Science

"Nucleus is blazing fast to spin up Environments and clusters. They make handling integrations and environment variables a breeze."

Chinmay Rathod

Co-founder/CTO @ Forward

"We used Nucleus to containerize our services and quickly stand up multiple environments. "

Tim Blumberg

Co-Founder/CTO @ Pineway Health

"We spent 2 months trying to containerize our services and get EKS up and running and it still had issues. With Nucleus, we did it in less than 3 hours."

Jeff Wang

CTO @ Flex

"In the early days at Linkedin and Paypal, we had whole teams managing our platforms. I would have loved to use something like Nucleus to free those teams up to focus on customer value."

Arnold Villatoro

CTO/Co-founder @ SpecCheck

"Coming from Lyft, where we had a great internal platform to help us manage our services, I wanted to find something similar. As soon as I saw Nucleus I knew I found it. "

Karthik Ravi

CTO @ TryMata

"Nucleus has saved us literally months of devOps work and the team has been there every step of the way with help and support as we have needed it."

Alex Klippel


"Nucleus was able to containerize our services and give us on-demand environments whenever we needed it. Helped free up a lot of time for our team to focus on building features for our customers."

Armen Solakhyan

Co-Founder/CTO @ BioAccess Platforms

"We knew that we wanted to have the right infrastructure from day 1 so going with Nucleus was an easy choice. Everything just worked."

Ben Smith

CTO @ Emerald Cloud Lab

"It took us 3 years at Box to build what Nucleus provides through their platform. I wish we could have used them at Box, it would have saved us a lot of time and money."

Alan Messer

CTO @ Mojio

"What the Nucleus team has built is impressive and definitely in the direction of where the industry is going. Teams shouldn't be building everything from scratch internally. "

How it works

Easily build, deploy and manage your Services and Environments with a world-class developer experience.

Define your Services

Declaratively define your Services using our nucleus.yaml file. Secrets are encrypted locally and can be safely checked-in and we support most major runtimes.


cliVersion: nucleus-cli/v1alpha1
  serviceName: Evis-test
  serviceRuntime: nodejs
  isPrivate: false
    - login-svc
      cpu: 250m
      memory: 256Mi
      cpu: 1000m
      memory: 1Gi
      mongodb_pw: 8ch26SZDCxCpRg0nfcMjdAoUzucKnm8BrBGT07fEx7Y=
      mongodb_pw: LhRDYVyu5BXW5KCzfdyGDpVqPav+yERCeyN5T1EXqg==

Build and Deploy

Get started quickly with real time build logs and a built-in CI/CD pipeline or bring your own CI/CD pipeline.


Automate and Manage

Create integrations, analyze logs, set autoscaling rules, clone Environments, and much more.


Real-world examples

Use cases

Developer Self Service

Developers using Nucleus can easily self-service integrations, environments, environment variables and more. This frees up precious DevOps time by reducing the number of tickets and requests that DevOps and Platform teams have to process while accelerating developers who no longer have to wait for infrastructure to be provisioned.


Get started with Nucleus today

Nucleus saves engineering teams weeks of work and integrates with a wide range of third-party tools and services, making it easy to plug into your existing workflows and toolchains.