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  • Introduced environment cloning. Now you can easily clone an entire environment with just a few clicks. This includes the cluster and integrations configured within the environment environment cloning

  • Introduced Service Deployments giving teams a granular look at each deployment service deployment overview

    • Within Service Deployments teams can get a a detailed view of the deployment including container logs, deploy duration and other metadata. service deployment details

  • Added Windows support to the Nucleus CLI and updated documentation
  • Updated source files for Nucleus CLI to be .zip so that users don't have to untar tarballs
  • Made the Nucleus CLI available as a Docker image
  • Updated all verification emails that customers get to use the right copy and branding
  • Renamed the Service Settings page to just the "Services" page
  • Fixed a rare race condition that happesn with the tekton crd add-on install
  • Fixed an error where cluster names that were too long would result in cluster's failing install
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't use the same environment name twice

Evis Drenova

  • Implemented user-defined Health Checks which gives developers more control over how their services start up and terminate nucleus user-defined health checks

  • Introduced the MongoDB integration for developers who use MongoDB Atlas as a database mongodb integration

  • Updated the Nucleus Deploy command to cancel the CD deploy pipeline if the developere exists the deploy process
  • Added empty states for the Enviornments, Services and Integrations pages
  • Removed the onboarding workflow that required that you create a cluster before being able to navigate the Dashboard
  • Reduced the number of CMK keys being created in the cluster install to reduce the cost of installing Nucleus
  • Added the 'dependency' command to the CLI which programmatically adds service dependencies to the nucleus.yaml file
  • Introduced new onboarding welcome message flow
  • Added 2 new profiles in the 'Cluster Access' section which allows teams to provision admin and read-only access to a particular namespace within a cluster
  • Fixed several small UI bugs

Evis Drenova

  • Sped up CD pipeline builds by 30%
  • Updated trial status to be a free forever account
  • Fixed a bug where the Environment page would break if a service deployment didn't exist
  • Breadcrumbs for Service and Environment settings now route to you the Environment page
  • Updating loading states across the UI to be consistent
  • The 'New Environment' flow now is it's own set of pages and is no longer a modal
  • Added Docker as runtime to the UI
  • Cleaned up cluster settings UI to make it more flat
  • Fixed issue where items would shift left then the scrollbar appeared
  • Standardized UI border color for light and dark mode
  • Fixed a bug where users could create an integration for a cluster that wasn't fully installed which caused issues

Evis Drenova

  • Added kubernetes pod eventing to Service Settings page to give developers a way to see their service events. Go to your Environment -> Service -> Service Settings -> Events to see your events. nucleus horizontal pod autoscalar

  • Added the ability for customers to easily set up a role to be able to kubectl into their clusters without having to set a kubectl context easily set up kubectl access

  • Implemented Horizontal Pod Autoscaling and gave developers the ability to configure how their service scales nucleus horizontal pod autoscalar

  • Updated docs to include a 'AWS Cost to run Nucleus' page to help developers estimate their cost to run Nucleus. You can find the link here
  • A bunch of UI and UX fixes for dark mode and responsiveness for mobile
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't delete an integration if the environment no longer exists
  • Fixed a bug where the the custom domain proxy cert was bugged if the cert validation was failing
  • Cleaned up the Account Selection page so that it only shows unique AWS accounts connected
  • Re-structured dashboard to support deep-linking and updated all links to deep-link
  • Updated user onboarding flow to send welcome emails on signup
  • Updated Build pipepline to use Docker Caching to speed up building of images
  • Moved away from webflow and re-wrote entire marketing site in Next
  • Added a 'Get a Demo' form to the website
  • Added a Blog section to the website
  • Added a Changelog section to the website
  • Created a Slack community
  • Updated default service resource limits to 1gb of memory and 1vCPU
  • Added new footer to the marketing website

Evis Drenova

  • Initial release of the Nucleus Dashboard
  • Ability to build, deploy and manage services
  • Integrations with containter registries, databases, observability tools,
  • Support for Dark mode and light mode
  • Updates to the Nucleus CLI
  • Launch of initial Nucleus website

Evis Drenova