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Spin-up a microservices architecture, in your cloud, on Kubernetes, in minutes.

Nucleus automates infrastructure, security, observability, integrations and more to help you build and deploy services on Kubernetes in record speed.

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A Single Integrated Platform

Nucleus automates infrastructure, security, observability and more for service-oriented architectures in order to make developers 40% more productive

Supercharge your development cycle and ship faster than ever

Save 6+ months of work

Save months of DevOps work trying to piece together cloud primitives and open-source tools and get up and running in minutes

Save over $300k+

Reduce your costs and save over $300k in Platform Engineering and DevOps cost by using Nucleus

Enterprise-grade security

Encrypted service-to-service communication, a granular authorization framework and robust access policies out-of-the-box

For Developers

Easily build and deploy services with the Nucleus CLI

One-click deploys with declaratively-defined services make it seamless to easily build and deploy services. Check in your nucleus.yaml file into git to centralize your configurations.

Supports most major runtimes

1. Create

2. Deploy

For DevOps

Centralize your configs into one source-of-truth.

Environment and service configurations are centralized in one system instead of many. Track how configurations change over time. Manage global, environment-level and service-level environment variable seamlessly.

For DevOps & Platform Teams

Manage kubectl access using IAM roles and permissions

Easily attach kubectl access to IAM roles and manage their access using kubectl profiles. Give teams read or admin access to your kubernetes cluster in seconds.

The Scalability of Kubernetes

The Security of a Service Mesh

Scale your services seamless while enforcing the highest level of security and encryption.


Pods scale horizontally and vertically. Load balancers ensure the service is always available out-of-the-box.


Service-to-service communication is automatically secured with mTLS and certs are auto-rotated.

Service Registry

Services are automatically discovered and registered as they scale up and down.

Secrets Management

All secrets are protected using asymmetric encryption with native key rotation. Or use our pre-built integrations.


Define network and service level policies to secure public and private endpoints. Restrict traffic to only the sources you trust.


Distributed tracing with parent and sub traces, live log tails and service maps give you the power to observe your entire microservices architecture.

Native integrations to power your services

One-click integrations help you get started instantly

Easily pull images from your repositories and deploy them on Nucleus

Enforce access control on which environments and services have access to pull images from your repositories.

Get started with Nucleus today in 30 minutes

Get a production-ready services architecture up and running in 30 minutes.

No credit card required