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Q1 Recap: Learnings, accomplishments and looking forward.

Evis Drenova




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With Q1 behind us, I've been doing a lot of reflecting on everything that we've learned and accomplished at Nucleus. From launching the Nucleus platform and making it generally available (GA) to signing up customers and releasing 30+ new features, it's been a busy quarter. Here's a recap of the highlights:


We started out Q1 without a product that was live and we ended it with steady growth and paying customers. Hundreds of companies have signed up and are using Nucleus to build secure and scalable microservices. We've added paying customers from a range of industries and learning about their use-cases has been insightful and eye-opening. One of the coolest parts of talking to customers everyday is learning about a use-case that you hadn't anticipated and having this aha! moment where you say "yeah, we can do that!".

Helping drive growth has been marketing. We launched our marketing website along side our platform and have consistently iterated on it. We're working on v2 of the marketing site to more clearly communicate our value and positioning - keep an eye out soon! We're starting to heavily invest into content and continuing to build our thought leadership. More to come in Q2.


We launched the Nucleus Platform in January and over the last 12 weeks have shipped 30+ new features. From performance to usability to flexibility to security and finally, don't forget it, documentation, we've heavily invested in building the Nucleus platform. We strongly believe in consistently and reliably shipping product. It's a big reason of why we publish our Biweekly Sprint Changelog at the end of every sprint. Some big features to highlight:

environment cloning

Environment Cloning - easily clone any environment (including all of your services and integrations) and deploy it. Imagine not upgrading your clusters in place anymore. I know, revolutionary. Now you clone your existing production environment, upgrade the cluster, run your tests and cut over to the new version seamlessly.

nucleus yaml

Declarative Services - Easily define your service, its environment variables, resource limits, secrets and more in a declarative config file that lives with your service. Then ship it!


Integrations - Easily integrate any and all of your services and/or environments with ECR, Github Packages, Datadog, MongoDB and more with just a few clicks. No more manual integration setups.

service deployment overview

Deployment History and Build Logs - Easily see a history of every deployment for every service in a transactional view along with metadata that helps you track and audit your deployments. For every service, see the build logs in real-time so you can debug any issues.

service deployment details

Built-in CI/CD - You shouldn't have to be a Docker and DevOps expert to be able to containerize your application and deploy it into Kubernetes. Nucleus can turn any developer of any skill into an expert. In 90 seconds, containerize and deploy your service. Easy as that.

Q2 has a jam packed product roadmap and I can't wait to ship new features that help developers build even faster while giving DevOps and platform teams the tools they need to predictably and reliably run their platforms.


There's never been a better time to be an infrastructure company. The recent AI hype has brought a lot of attention to the application layer, which is great for infrastructure companies. After all, applications, especially AI applications, need flexible, secure infrastructure to run on. We're seeing a lot of demand for infrastructure that is easy to set up, configure and deploy. And that's exactly what we provide at Nucleus.

On the DevOps and Platform side of things, we're seeing more and more bifurcation of devOps roles and platform engineering roles. Platform engineering has started to become a hot topic among CTOs and engineering leaders who want to unlock their developers from toiling away with infrastructure and manual configs. We're going to continue to heavily invest in building tools for devOps and platform teams.

Wrapping up

Seeing something go from an idea to a live product that is generating revenue in 3 months has been an awesome experience. As a team, we've learned so much about our market, our customers and ourselves. Looking forward, we have a lot that we want to do and we're going to continue to build, brick-by-brick, until we get there.

Evis Drenova

CEO, Nucleus