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May Product Update

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May Product Update

Welcome to the May Product Update at Nucleus! We've got some exciting updates and announcements, so let's get right into it.

Two New Integrations: Prometheus and Grafana


Integrations are core to the Nucleus platform and we're excited to announce two new ones: Prometheus and Grafana. If you're ever worked on an metrics dashboard before you'd know that Prometheus and Grafana are the gold standard when it comes to open source observability tools (if only Coinbase had listened to my email ... ). They're rich in features and powerful in terms of what they allow engineering teams to accomplish. You can build custom panels, dashboards, metrics, alerting and notification and more. And now they come to Nucleus. Now when you deploy a Nucleus Environment, Grafana and Prometheus automatically come installed and configured. And accessing your Grafana dashboard is secure and as easy as clicking a button. Check it out below!


Introducing Nucleus Metrics


Observability and metrics are critical to help teams monitor, debug and optimize their infrastructure. This month we released the first version of Nucleus Observability (check out the announcement blog ) and the feedback has been fantastic. Developers and devOps engineers love how easy it is to see both Service and Environment metrics right in the Nucleus dashboard. We also made it easy to filter Service metrics by pods and Environment metrics by namespaces in order to get deep and dirty into what is causing that OOM issue you're seeing. We're going to be doing much more in this area over the next several months so stay tuned!

Cluster Node Groups


We're excited to launch the first version of our cluster node groups feature and give teams an easy way to see what instance types their Environments are using and to be able to configure node group scaling. You can find your Cluster Node Groups by clicking on your Environment Settings and then clicking on the Cluster Node Groups tab. There's a lot more coming here over the next few weeks that we're excited to share.

New Website!


We launched the new version of our website this month and we're pretty excited about it. We went from a single page website to a more broader multi-page website. It also does a much better job of explaining our value, technology and the results that our customers have seen using Nucleus. We consistently update the website so check back often for new content - especially blogs!

Easily set environment variables in the New Service workflow


Now you can easily set environment variables when you create a new service using the 'New Service' button on the Services page. Previously you had to create the service first and then could set environment variables. We've streamlined this flow so that now you set them while you're creating the service. We're doing a complete overhaul of the New Service workflow and will be adding much more there in June.

See you next time folks!

That's all for May! If you want more of a granular look at what we shipped sprint-by-sprint, checkout our changelog . Lots of new things coming down the pipeline for June.

Until then,


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