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February Product Update

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February Product Update

Welcome to the first Product Update at Nucleus! February was a short but exciting month at Nucleus. We're excited to be releasing a whole bunch of features that help developers and devOps teams work faster.

Introducing Service Events

service events

Who doesn't love events? Service Events show a real-time stream of events from your service’s Kubernetes pods. This is an easy way to see what is going on with your service as pods start up, scale up and down and more without having to go directly through kubectl. If you’re working on debugging a service, Service Events are a good way to debug in real time and make sure that your health checks and horizontal auto-scaling rules are working appropriately. Currently, we show the last 3 hours worth of events and will be bumping that up over time.

Cluster Access Roles

cluster access

Someone once said "everyone wants admin access to the cluster, but not everyone can handle admin access to the cluster", or something like that. So we made it dead simple to provision different levels of cluster access to an IAM role. You can now provision:

  • Environment/Cluster level admin access
  • Environment/Cluster level read access
  • Namespace level admin access
  • Namespace level read access

Give different teams or teammates different levels of access to one or multiple clusters simply by providing their IAM role and easily manage that access in our new Cluster Access section. This is a great way to enable developer self-service while protecting the security of your environments and clusters and reducing the number of tickets and requests from other teams.

Horizontal Pod Autoscaling


If you're old enough to remember those hilariously awful "set it and forget it!" infomercials then this is right up your alley. Introducing Horizontal Pod Autoscaling for your Services. Simply set the min and max replicas and the CPU threshold that you want Nucleus to spin up another pod at and .... (don't make me say it). This is a great way to set your Service autoscaling on autopilot and never worry again about meeting spikey traffic demands.


We've upgraded our timed trial account to be a free forever account. Now any account you open will be with you forever. Deploy up to 3 services in one environment without paying Nucleus a dime. Try it out!

30% Faster Deploys

Waiting sucks. So we increased the speed of our deploy pipeline by 30%. Now deploy a service from source code to a live Kubernetes cluster in less than 90 seconds or deploy a docker image in less than 30 seconds.

See you next time folks!

That's all for February! If you want more of a granular look at what we shipped sprint-by-sprint, checkout our changelog . Lots of new things coming down the pipeline for March. In addition to new features, we're going to start regularly publishing to our blogs page as well.

Until then,


Table of Contents

  • February Product Update
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

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