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April Product Update

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April Product Update

Welcome to the April Product Update at Nucleus! We've got some exciting updates and announcements, so let's get right into it.

Introducing Webhooks


If you're anything like us, you like to be informed of when things happen in your infrastructure. So we're excited to announce a new integration: Webhooks. Nucleus webhooks allow you to send event-based webhooks after an event occurs in your Nucleus platform to any endpoint. For example, say that you want to send a slack notification to a certain channel anytime that a service is deployed, with webhooks this is easy to do. We're starting off a limited set of events and plan to expand more over the next few months. Our initial set are across three buckets: Enviroments, Services and Accounts. Check out the screenshot above for the list of currently available events. If there is something in particular that you'd like to see us add, please let us know!

A Narrower Permission Set

When we started building Nucleus we were asking for Administrator permission to your cloud account. Frankly, we didn't love it and couldn't wait to change it. We're excited to announce that we've significantly narrowed down the permissions that we ask for in order to administer Nucleus in your AWS account. This is the right thing to do from a security perspective and we're glad we're able to do it. We plan to further restrict this in the future and introduce separate workflows for customers who want to start with a limited permission set and then grant us more permissions. We'll be working on this over the next few months.

A New Integration: Github


If you ask most developers what they loved about Heroku, it was that magical git push experience. Being able to deploy a service or application with just one command was awesome. We loved it so much that we brought it to Nucleus. Previously, you could only deploy a service using the Nucleus CLI but now with the Github integration, you can configure Nucleus to listen on a branch within a repo and every time you git push to that branch, Nucleus will build and deploy your service or application automatically. Over the next few months, we'll add support for monorepos and continue to improve this workflow until it's perfect.

We significantly improved our own developer experience

While we love building the best possible developer experience for our customers, every now and then we have to invest time in our own developer experience. If we can streamline and improve how we build and ship features then that directly benefits out customers. So we dedicated some time to creating almost completely local, individual developer environments for ourselves based on Tilt. We're going to be publishing a blog on this soon so you can do it too.

See you next time folks!

That's all for April! If you want more of a granular look at what we shipped sprint-by-sprint, checkout our changelog . Lots of new things coming down the pipeline for May.

Until then,


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